Lisa has authored a considerable number of case studies and industry notes, drawn from both public sources and in-company data and interviews. Her cases have both been published by the Case Centre and are used for private programmes.

Case projects include working with faculty to decide the key teaching points and then undertaking desk research or interviews to provide the background and essential information that needs to be included in the case. After the case text is finalised, the paperwork required for submission to case clearing houses is completed where this service is not provided at the institution. Lisa has also drafted teaching notes as part of the case submission.

Cases include:

  • Lost for Words – Newspapers’ Digital Future – Prof John Walsh (IMD) 2014
  • Building Entrepreneurs at Odebrecht (title tbc) – Prof Michael Watkins (IMD) 2014
  • Driving Growth at Especias Hispania Inc (A,B&C) – Prof Michael Watkins (IMD) 2014
  • Honeymoon Interrupted: Mary Barra, CEO, GM (A&B) – Prof Michael Watkins (IMD) 2014
  • FloraHolland (title tbc) – Prof Michael Watkins (IMD) 2014
  • Eden McCallum (title tbc) – Prof Freek Vermeulen (LBS) 2014
  • Nayamed (title tbc) – Prof Costas Markides (LBS) & Prof Daniel Oyon (HEC Lausanne) 2014
  • Longfor: Going Against the Grain in China (title tbc) – Prof Quy Huy (INSEAD) 2014
  • Achieving the Holy Grail: Same Day Delivery – Prof Stewart Black & Prof Michael Watkins (IMD) 2013
  • Staying a Step Ahead – Prof Julian Birkinshaw (LBS) 2013
  • The BabaSling Case – Prof Suzanne Dejanusz (IMD) 2013
  • E-Cigarettes: disruptive innovation? – Prof John Walsh (IMD) 2013
  • Creation, revision and updating of cases for core strategy module: Oticon (B&C), SwatchMcKinsey & Co – Prof Freek Vermeulen (LBS) 2013
  • Series of case studies highlighting employee engagement as a driver of innovation – Prof Julian Birkinshaw (LBS) 2012 (Engage4Success – UK Independent Taskforce)
  • Asustek (A,B&C) – Teaching Note – Prof Howard Yu (IMD) 2012
  • Riding the Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship – Prof Suzanne Dejanusz (IMD) 2012
  • The Rise & Fall of Nokia – Prof Julian Birkinshaw (LBS) 2011
  • Suite of leadership/strategy cases – Profs Quy Huy & Michael Jarrett (INSEAD) 2010/2011. 1. Managing Public Opinion in a Crisis: BP CEO Tony Hayward. 2. Symbol & emotion management in strategy execution: Merger of Arcelor & Mittal. 3. Strategy execution in 2 countries – Switzerland & USA: The Rise & Fall of UBS Under Marcel Ospel. 4. Portrait of an emotional leader: Steve Jobs, Redefining Apple. 5. IKEA: A Furniture Dealer (A), How Ikea’s Strategy was Formed (B)
  • Foxconn & Blood iPhones? – Prof Rosa Chun (IMD) 2011
  • Holcim – Prof Michael Yaziji (IMD) 2011
  • M-PESA & Nick Hughes – Prof Rajesh Chandy (LBS) 2010
  • Circle Health 2010 – Prof Costas Markides (LBS) 2010
  • The PC Industry – Prof Julian Birkinshaw (LBS) 2009